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Port Huron Party Bus Pricing, Rates, and Costs explained

Port Huron Party Bus started it's business with a mission. A mission that would go on to set them apart in the luxury transportation industry in Michigan. To this point, too many of the companies around the state were practiced in the art of subtle deceptions when initially quoting their services. When you called for service, you would get a quote that sounded great out the door. But, what they weren't telling you is that there would be some surprises when the chauffeur came to pick you up. They wouldn't bother to tell you about a fuel surcharge, they'd leave out the fact that there is a mandatory tip to the driver, or they'd charge exorbitant over time rates should you go over your scheduled time, if even by a little. Port Huron Party Bus doesn't operate like this, ever! When you call us for a quote, the price you get is the price you'll pay. And before you take the vehicle, any and all potential extra charges are fully disclosed in the contract. But, with us, the only extra charges you might incur, are out of the ordinary damage or excessive clean-up related fees. Nothing that you must pay before the run starts.

As this is a page related to party bus pricing, we are sorry to say that, due to the nature of our pricing system, we are unable to provide pricing on-line. We cannot publish our prices because they are in an ever changing state of fluidity. That is to say, in short; when our operating costs go down, we lower our prices to give you the best possible rate.

If you're ready to get more information, simply Contact Port Huron Party Bus at your convenience. You'll find that our client service reps are ready and willing to help at any time!

If you're ready to call for a price, make sure you have the following information handy for us:

The date of your event.

The city in which the trip will originate.

The number of passengers.

The amount of time you'll require services.

With this info, our pricing takes simply a few minutes!

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