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Jackson Party Bus Pricing, Rates, and Costs explained

There's a saying in life, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. In the luxury transportation rental business, this holds true sometimes to a prophetic level of accuracy. There are many less reputable companies out there who work to get you in the door with rock bottom quotes that are designed to wow you into quick agreement. What they're not telling you though, is that this rock bottom quote is not your actual cost after services are rendered. Come the day of your event, the vehicle will show up, and at that point you'll be informed of mandatory gratuities, fuel surcharges, or other "fine print" fees that weren't worth mentioning to you when you booked. These unscrupulous companies know that you will have no choice at that point. It will be too late to book another party bus, so you'll either have to accept their terms, or do without your party bus. Neither of which, are desirable options.

Jackson Michigan Party Bus doesn't operate this way. All of our quotes are "out the door" pricing that have all fees and surcharges already included.

For exact pricing, give us a call. We cannot feasibly publish our pricing on-line due to the way we've set-up our pricing structure. Quite succinctly, we set our pricing based on our costs. So, when our costs are down, so are our prices to you! This means that for the most up to date prices, you'll need to speak to an agent.

When you call, let us know the information listed below and our agents will use it to get you the best price on a vehicle for the date and time you need it!

The date of your party bus trip.

Which city you're going to be picked up in.

The size vehicle (seating capacity) you'll need.

The length of time for your rental

That's it! Just those few details are all you need to get started!

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