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Grand Rapids Party Bus Pricing Policies and Costs

If you've ever fallen victim to the luxury transportation industry's nefarious "hidden charge" tactics, you're really going to appreciate what we have to say about our pricing policies. First and foremost, Grand Rapids Party Bus prices are "no hidden fees" guaranteed! This includes gratuity. You are not required to tip. Our chauffeurs welcome tips when they've done a good job for you, but at no point are you required to tip over and above your hourly rate. Secondly, we apologize if you were searching specifically for a pricing chart or something along those lines. The reason we cannot give on-line pricing is pretty simple, though it does require a bit of explanation. Go ahead and read on to see exactly what our reasoning for this is.

In order to provide the best pricing at all times, Grand Rapids Party Bus sets their rates based on cost analysis and projected expenses. In short, when our expenses go down, so do our prices. In a market where demand dictates costs based on labor, where material costs and vehicle parts expenses are always fluctuating, it is difficult to predict pricing well in advance to be able to set up a price list here. For this reason we've got to request you get in touch with us to figure out how much your party bus or limousine adventure will cost. Keep reading and you'll find out just what we need to know in order to ascertain your out the door price.

To get an exact quote on your party bus rental for your event, just give us a call and one of our fantastic agents will be able to assist you!

When you all to get your quote, we'll need the following information to give you the most accurate pricing possible:

The date you require service.

Which city we'll be picking you up in.

The number of guests will need accommodating.

The time frame/hours you'll want to rent the luxury vehicle.

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