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Charter bus Grand Rapids, MI

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There are a million and one things to see and do in your Grand Rapids charter bus! If you've got a large group of people headed out to perhaps see Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids Art Museum, John Ball Zoo, or even just visit some of the splendid restaurants and bars in our downtown area, we're the ones to call for charter buses in Grand Rapids!

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Grand Rapids Charter Bus Pricing Info

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Grand Rapids charter buses do not have to be exorbitantly expensive, and in fact, many of our customers have remarked about how much of a steal our buses really are when compared to the value that they receive. The comfort in these charter buses is unparalleled, and the convenience features including charging stations and restrooms really can't be overstated. If you're all splitting the cost, which many of our groups do, it's next to nothing!

We're unable to list precise pricing for our Grand Rapids charter buses because our prices do fluctuate daily due to the changes in gas prices and other factors. But you'll be happy to know that you can get a price quote via phone or email right now, pretty much instantly! And we don't even need any personal information to provide you with that. Super simple and easy.

If you like what we hear when we give you that price quote, you might want to go a step further into our transportation planning, at which point a little bit more information will be really helpful. This is the fun part, and we love to customize trips to make our customers truly happy. The information we'll need to start planning your day out are these factors:

  • Number of passengers you expect
  • Date of your outing
  • Features you require
  • List of essential destinations
  • Types of events you're attending
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Enjoy Grand Rapids (and beyond) in comfort!

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Speaking of day and night, our staff is actually here 24/7 taking care of our late night party bus trips and more, so we're here to take your calls and give you charter bus price quotes even late into the evening! We hope you'll reach out to us via the contact info below, and please note that we can do our price quotes via phone or email, that's no problem at all!

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About Grand Rapids Michigan Charter Bus Service

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Our Grand Rapids charter buses are some of the most impressive vehicles you'll ever set eyes on or set foot in! These large and spacious vehicles feature rows of seats that recline for your comfort, and there are device charging stations close at hand. You'll enjoy HDTVs and premium sound systems, and even your own sparkling clean restrooms at the back of the bus.

We'd love for you to come down to our place of business and take the grand tour of these Grand Rapids charter buses if you like! We can show you all the exciting features that we mentioned above and even introduce you to the professional chauffeur who will be taking good care of you all day and night while you're with us. What do you think? Would you like to take a tour of our charter buses?