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In this luxury transportation industry, there is a lot of choices out there to consider. On this page, we're going to talk about party bus pricing. If you've been searching the web and making price quotes to various companies out there. Or, especially if you've done business with a party bus or limo company before, you might be aware of some of the pitfalls that are unfortunately sometimes a reality in our industry. One of the prime pitfalls you may have encountered, is that of the hidden charge. Another pitfall you may have come across is that of the "mandatory gratuity". At Flint Michigan Party Bus, we just don't understand this. It is certainly in our best interest to be upfront and transparent with our pricing procedures, and we feel that it is in yours as well. No one wants to be decked with a charge they didn't know about, and no one wants to tip for bad service. So, we offer a no hidden charge guarantee, as well as a "tip is a tip" philosophy that allows the quality of the services rendered dictate how much you tip your chauffeur.

So you might be wondering where the price list is. Well, our lowest price policy (we'll explain this in a bit), makes publishing our prices on our website impossible. Why? Well, we operate on a lowest price possible mantra. Meaning simply this: When our costs go down, we lower our prices to insure you always get the best rate possible.

Once you're ready to book or get a price quote, just contact Flint Party Bus and one of our friendly reservation experts will get your trip set up!

With this info handy, your quote is quick and easy!

When calling for a price, we'll need to know the following in order to find an available vehicle of an appropriate size and deliver an accurate quote:

The date that you'd like service

The amount of passengers you'll have

The length of service required

The time and location of pick-up

The time and location of drop off

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