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Charter bus Flint, MI

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Are you planning some type of event that includes hitting the road in a Flint charter bus? There are so many things for your group to see and do in your Flint charter bus, whether it's visiting cultural favorites like the Flint Institute of Arts, indulging in a little educational content at the Longway Planetarium, seeing all that mother nature has to offer at Stepping Stone Falls or Bluebell Beach, or partaking in some entertainment at Capitol Theatre!

Flint Charter Bus Pricing Info

When you compare the cost of your group all filling up their gas tanks and heading out individually, or all of you gathering in a Flint charter bus to hit the road together, there's no question that the latter is the smarter environmental and financial choice. Plus you'll have so many comfort and entertainment perks at your fingertips. Even your own restrooms!

While we're unable to post specific prices here, a price quote can be had easily and simply over the phone right now. The reason we can't pinpoint prices online is because they change so frequently due to daily and seasonal factors, like gas prices for one! But we always offer our customers the most affordable prices around, and we don't mind if you comparison shop to double check!

If all you want is a quick price quote, we only need to know the number of passengers you'll expect and the date/type of event you're attending. If you want to go further than a simple price quote and you actually want to start planning your night out in your Flint charter bus, we'll need a few more pieces of information from you. Primarily, these pieces of info below:

  • Features you require
  • List of essential destinations
  • Types of events you're attending
  • Date of your outing
  • Number of passengers you expect
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About Flint Michigan Charter Bus Service

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We've proudly served this area with our gleaming Flint charter buses for many years now, building our reputation on our fine vehicles and our outstanding professional chauffeur service. Our charter buses are packed with rows and rows of comfortable reclining seats, restrooms, charging stations, HDTVs, and premium sound systems. You really get a lot for your money when you rent our services, and the quality of our buses is unparalleled.

If you've got the time, we'd love to invite you down to our place of business to take a personal tour of our Flint charter buses! There's no better way to really get an up close and personal view of these outstanding vehicles, and to get a feel for what features are your essentials and which bus you'd like to take out on the road. Can we make arrangements for that grand tour sometime soon?

Hit the open road in comfort!

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How to get in touch

If you'd like to get in touch with us for a personal tour or for your instant price quote, all you've got to do is dial us up or send us an email. We're actually here 24/7 to make arrangements for your Flint charter bus trip, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime day or night. Night owls and extreme early risers, we're here for you!

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