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Pricing Policies for Detroit Party Bus

You'll find, in your party bus rental searches, that there are a good many companies out there with a varied pricing structure. You're going to want to look out for those bottom dollar quotes from companies which have a reputation for tacking on "surprise fees" or "mandatory tips". Detroit Party Bus is in business to provide each and every customer with fair, honest, and out the door pricing. You'll find that we even charge the standard hourly rate if you happen to go over your reserved time allotment, in lieu of a penalty charge with an exorbitantly increased rate. Detroit Party Bus wants you to have a good time! If this means your party extends longer than anticipated, you don't have to worry about paying an unfair penalty in doing so.

While this page is all about our rates, you might be wondering where the prices are. Well, we aren't able to publish our pricing on line, as it's just not feasible given our fluctuating pricing structure. We operate on this type of pricing system because we like to be able to lower our prices whenever it is possible given market conditions. We are in the business, of course, to make money. But, we are also in the business of providing premium service at fair and honest pricing. The best way we can provide this, is to base our prices alongside our anticipated costs. So, when our costs decrease, so do our prices!

If you're ready to seek out a price, simply call or e-mail us at any time and our agents will set you on the right path.

Since our pricing is based on some specific factors, here's what we'll need when you call:

What day (date) your event will be on.

Which city you're going to start your party bus experience in.

The size of the vehicle you'll need to accommodate your party.

The length of time you'll need to rent (beginning and end time).

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